Primary Peelings

Primary Peelings is the latest series (May 2018) of work by Domergue and a continuation of his obsession with capturing the beauty he finds in the forms and shapes of the urban environment. For this series he focuses on the roads and footpaths we travel on, creating compositions from these surfaces. Eliciting beauty from the banal, Domergue has created large-scale urban artefacts. The work of Piet Mondrian was a source of inspiration for this particular series of peelings.


With Primary Peelings Domergue moves away from excavating sites of personal memories to exposing what we tend not to direct our gaze to: the surfaces we tread daily on, whether by foot, bike or motorised transportation. The primary colours Domergue has used accentuates the lines, forms and shapes present in these surfaces heightening their uniqueness. These surfaces are transformed into abstract streetscape compositions.