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Pick. Pour. Peel. 

I use thick, wet, malleable resin and pigments as a painting medium, physically lifting rich layers of urban environments. I call the process “Peeling”.


More than just castings, Peelings are both additive and subtractive at the same time, physically lifting rich layers of urban environments. Peelings extract stories, physically embedding and capturing histories from the surfaces of the places I Peel. 

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Chemicalized, 2021, Fiberglass, resin, pigment and substrata 72 x 107 cm.jpg

2022 Artist Catalogue

Explore my 2022 Artist Catalogue created for The Other Art Fair Sydney.

Mentalism 2022

Mentalism is the latest iteration of the goal of my Peelings: to highlight the beauty of outsiders, both people and places, that don’t meet traditional societal standards and expectations.

Industrial Strength 2022

Exclusively Peeled from an Auto Wreckers in Sydney’s West, - serendipitously called “Pick and Pull Auto Wreckers” and since demolished and redeveloped - Industrial Strength marked a return to gritty, industrial sites for Peeling.

Primary Peelings 2018

'Primary Peelings' is a series of work and a continuation of my obsession with capturing the beauty I find in the forms and shapes of the urban environment.

India Peelings 2017

This group of peelings was created while visiting India in late 2017, inspired by the vibrant colours in the markets and a mixture of decaying and new buildings emerging and disappearing everywhere I looked.

Post-Industrial Peelings 2017

For this particular body of work, I assumed the role of artist as archaeologist, aiming to capture the detritus of a burnt-out meat factory, where the substrata of the site, captured in the peelings, enacts a metaphor for my memory of those places.

Commissioned Peelings

Before you renovate or demolish, allow me to excavate and create a personalised urban artefact, just for you. 

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