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Fuckuceuticals - 2016

Resin, steal, springs, coloured expanding foam.

Fuckuceuticals draws inspiration from the over prescription of 'legal drugs' and the damage they cause.

Primary Methomatics- 2016

Aluminium shelving, pond pumps, air filters, coloured water, crystallised candy. 

A kinetic sculpture that combines the spirit of Willy Wonka and Breaking Bad to highlight that sugar is the real gateway drug.

Reversed Garbage - 2016

Recycled mirror vinyl, chicken wire, 2 min rock wrap video.

Installation "Here and Now' exhibition, Stir Up Gallery, Sydney, Australia


Sculpture by The Sea - 2012

Eridanus - Christophe Domergue and Susan Foster

The concept behind the work experiments with the relationship between image and association. We are bombarded with frag-ments of images which float across our line of sight everyday, everywhere. And so the material is part of the message. It will turn viewer into subject. The individual becomes part of the illusion. The reflective nature of the final work will ensure it marks the sun’s progress overhead, throwing light refractions back onto the surrounding environment. It is one work up close and another entirely from a distance.

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